Gallery of Gynophagia


“Cute Alicia Meets Arnold” from Chez Dolcett

A clearly disturbed nerd receives an unexpected visit: a cute girl, all friendly and a bit pushy, helps herself into his house. He doesn’t know her but she seems to know him already: it turns out she has been sent by his step-mother, who is worried about her step-son who is strange, too skinny, unable to find a girlfriend. Alicia has probably been paid, and she is supposed to become at least friend with the geek.


“Joanna The Sympathetic Dolcett Roast” from Chez Dolcett

My wife left me; I am devastated, as she was such a good cook and I am so bad in the kitchen. Joanna the roast is around, naked, and tries to comfort me. She offers herself as a roast, but I explain I am not able to cook… Then she helps me at preparing herself: she grabs the vegetables, the tray, and I help her to climb on that.


“Beginner Model Dodged Into Dolcett Shoot” from Chez Dolcett

A newbie model accepts a shoot from an unreferenced photographer who claims to be a good one. She is surprised from the start, when they get into the studio but she doesn’t see any backdrops, flashes etc. He tries to persuade her that it’s boring stuff which wouldn’t benefit her