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“Roast Tindra Frost Is A Rebel Against Easter Traditions” from Chez Dolcett

Tindra is going to be prepared for Easter, and according to the traditions it’s all about the leg: the chef starts to oil her leg up, and in the meantime has a chat with her, saying that the rest of her is going to go pretty much buzzed. Tindra is not very happy with that, and so is the chef, as the rest of her looks pretty yummy as well….


“Cute Alicia Meets Arnold” from Chez Dolcett

A clearly disturbed nerd receives an unexpected visit: a cute girl, all friendly and a bit pushy, helps herself into his house. He doesn’t know her but she seems to know him already: it turns out she has been sent by his step-mother, who is worried about her step-son who is strange, too skinny, unable to find a girlfriend. Alicia has probably been paid, and she is supposed to become at least friend with the geek.